royal sac_edited
royal sac_edited



The Royal Light, Fluffy and Cozy. We can pretty guarantee that The Royal is the most comfortable seating you’ll ever experience. It’s filled with a special blend of foam to guarantee you comfort in every possible way. Not only that, The Royal effortlessly turns into a bed, all you need to do is unzip the cover and BAM! You’ve got a bed. You Get - The Royal Outter Cover - The Royal Special Filler pack - Mattress Cover - Pillow


Sac Size: 120 cm x 90 cm Sleeping Mattress Size: 200 x 160 cm Bag Size (When shrinked): 70 x 60 x 50 cm


  • Turns Into a Bed
  • Double Stitched Cover
  • Inner mattress in premium cotton material
  • Premium POLYURETHANE medical foam
  • Three years guarantee against manufacturing defects


Canvas Waterproof

Soft Sacs

Watch how Antakh Sac turns into a real

sleeping mattress !