Why Teenz Academy?

At the critical ages of 13-16, your child develops their personality. It is important that your child is surrounded by positive role-models. We at Teenz Academy teach youth, in a contemporary way, the many overlooked aspects in schools and shape a business minded youth that is not afraid to take initiative and become the next major players in entrepreneurship.
"Rather than giving them a fish, we teach them how to fish"

Are programs running on public holidays or weather changes?

Yes, all our programs continue despite weather and seasonal changes. Teenz Academy will be operating during public holidays.

Where do I drop off my child for the day programs?

Our muster point is the UBC Aquatic Center at the terminal bus loop. It is a well known place, easy to find, and is accessible through public transit if your child chooses to come on their own. Participants are required to show up at least 15 minutes before sessions begin. A trained mentor wil lead the group of youth to the Teenz Academy classroom for the charisma training.

How frequently do the Teenz Academy programs run?

We have a monthly schedule for our programs that are released on our website's home page. All of our monthly programs are distinct in character and emobdy different teaching outcomes but result in the same overall perks for the child, such as the part-time employment opportunity as an activity leader.

Does Teenz Academy offer employment opporunities for all the participating teenager?

Teenz Academy is a minimal-for-profit organization with our major focus on bettering the lives of teenagers and parents. We use subsidies to offer the unprecedented opportunity for youth to explore the professional world through our part-time employment position (ie, activity leader). Nearly 50% of the participating youth are guaranteed activity leader positions. Selection will be based on merit and the degree of participation during the program.

What are the nature of the youth jobs?

To be eligible for the employment opportunities, youth must participate in our programs and become trained under the wing of experienced mentors while enjoying the fun activities. After completing one of the monthly programs, Teenz Academy will select youth based on merit and offer part-time employment. The activity leader positions are similar to the mentor’s duties but are subject to direct one-on-one supervision by one of our mentors. Youth activity leaders will enjoy the opportunity to choose the activity they are most comfortable with coaching. Hours of work range from 5 hours to 20 hours per week, depending on availability of activities. All positions are paid and are UBC campus based. Youth activity leaders can stay employed for as long as they choose or can change positions by enrolling once again in a future program to change their mainstream of coaching activity. Activity leaders will also get the opportunity to publicly speak about various charisma topics in the UBC classrooms in front of their peers and youth.

Where do I pick up my child from the day programs?

Parents or guardians can collect their youth or child at the same location as drop-off at the UBC Aquatic Center opposite to the green lawn.

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